The Gift Of Giving

The Windsor Toy Drive runs through December 15.

The Gift Of Giving

Chase Gemes, Editor

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means it is time for the annual Toy Drive at Windsor High School.

The Toy Drive is sponsored by DECA, the Distributive Education Clubs of America. The organization focuses on teaching students about marketing and finance. DECA is also known for getting involved in toy drives with high schools throughout the holiday season. 

Marketing teacher Wayne Montgomery is the man who runs the drive. He has been overseeing the toy drive for 12 years. 

“He’s like the Mr. Cindy Lou Who of Windsor. He can make any Grinch’s heart grow two sizes,” teacher Kim Schmidt jokingly said.  

The gifts are donated to underprivileged children in the Windsor School District. This is a big way to make a difference in the Windsor community, as there are many children who are in need this holiday season. 

Each year, the district gets a large amount of support from Windsor students and families. 

Montgomery said, “Most years we collect 800-1000 toys worth anywhere between $4000-$5000.” 

Many teachers also will give the opportunity of incentives to encourage students to donate. Schmidt is one of those teachers. 

She said, “The extra credit incentive is based on the cost of the toy up to $20.” 

Schmidt offers the incentive to her first hour Spanish III class because “most of them have jobs and understand the value of working for their money and then are able to buy a toy with their own money.”

Schmidt believes that it is important for students to participate in the toy drive. 

She said, “The idea that we are  able to help students directly in our district is a unique opportunity. I love that we are able to pick items specifically chosen by the kids.”

The toy drive runs through December 15.

Montgomery always has large goals for his toy drive. He encourages those who donate to look at the student wish list. 

Montgomery said, “Hoping this year to hit the toys mainly on the list, so around 500 would be enough. It’s important that we get the right toys matched up with the children. Some years we get toys that aren’t on the list so it adds to our total which is great.  We would really appreciate it if people would try to buy toys from the list but any donation is appreciated.”