Windsor Students Prep For Musical

The musical will take place February 24-26.


Courtesy of Mrs. Honz

The musical will take place February 24-26.

Nathan Bennett, Staff Writer


Windsor High School is preparing to bring back another classical musical. 

The musical will take place on February 24-26. The cast at Windsor is taking on the challenge of performing the musical “Oliver!” a musical based on the famous novel “Oliver Twist”. 

“I picked this musical because it is an absolute classic,” director Madame Honz said. “I saw this show when I was a little girl at the MUNY and it was so cool because Vincent Price played Fagin! It has a very involved ensemble which is fun as well.”

Coming off doing a very modern show last year (We Will Rock You!), the cast and staff really wanted to do a show that was a bit older that they could really get attached to. 

“We really wanted to do an older show to mix things up a little bit because we’ve done some modern musicals recently and it is always good to mix things up,” senior Rachel Leech, who plays the lead role of Oliver Twist in the musical this year, said. “It is very exciting that in my final year I get to be the main lead in the musical because I feel like I have worked really hard to get to this point. I can’t wait till we get to showtime and I can show off all of my hard work.” 

One other thing that is also very interesting for the musical this year is just the cast size and the amount of people actually in the musical.

Achieving lead roles in the musical this year are seniors Rachel Leech and Amaya Hill plus juniors Ethan Meece, Joe Bulhmahn, Alayna McCulley, Demetrius Dubis and Emily Weidner. 

“It’s really exciting that we have more kids trying to get exposed to musicals and be a part of them,” Honz said. “I am excited to work with my returning cast and my 11 newbies.”