Hairston Preps For State

The state championships begin today.


Courtesy of Yearbook

Mya Hairston qualified for state as a freshman.

Makenna Lane, Editor-in-Chief

After a long wrestling season, Mya Hariston has earned her way to a spot at state. The MSHSAA state championships begin today in Columbia, Missouri, at the University of Missouri. Surely anyone going to state is a huge honor, but for Hariston, it is even a bigger accomplishment because she is a freshman. Her record for this season was 35-4. 

Hairston will also be joined by four boys who qualified for state–freshmen Luke Patterson and Bryce Henry, as well as sophomores Brayden Belding and Cameron Busch. 

Hairston has been surrounded by wrestling for the majority of her life. Her brother, Cody Hairston, wrestled at Windsor and then continued throughout college. Mya Hariston found encouragement from her brother and his friends. 

Hariston said, “When I was wrestling in second grade, Cody would bring me to the high school and let me wrestle with him and his friends. They were super nice and supportive. That was a big thing that encouraged me to wrestle, the support people gave me.”

Once Hariston entered middle school, she wanted to be challenged, and that is when she decided she wanted to officially commit to a sport. As a freshman, Hariston feels honored to have this opportunity.

 Hariston said, “It’s a goal I’ve had since my middle school season of wrestling. I feel like my hard work and the support from my family, coaches, and other wrestlers are helping me get to this point.” 

Many athletes set goals for themselves to accomplish during their season. With Hariston qualifying for state, that is one down and one to go. She hopes to medal while she is down at state. With her accomplishments, Hariston has also had challenges during this season.

 Hariston said, “My biggest challenge this year has been staying mentally focused and confident as an underclassman wrestler. Also, trying to get in more consistent workouts to add strength and size.” 

Head coach Tom Ford is extremely impressed with Mya’s performance.

 Ford said, “Mya’s performance has been fantastic. She medaled in six tournaments and of those six she earned a gold medal in three.”

Ford believes that Hariston’s success is the result of the commitment she and her family have held to preparing and training year-round. Hariston is recognized by girls from all around. 

Ford said, “Qualifying to the state tournament as a freshman athlete is a notable accomplishment. I get the impression that Mya’s teammates and classmates are excited for her. Missouri has only sanctioned girls wrestling with a state tournament recently and Mya is the second Windsor athlete to qualify and represent us, after Reilly Baughman.”

Hariston is looking forward to traveling with her team and experiencing the toughest competition in the state. She feels that this experience will help her grow more in wrestling and prepare for the years to come.

 Ford said, “Mya is a passionate athlete and has helped our school community see and accept the sport. We are hoping for big things for her this year as well as the next three.”