Rickermann Comes Back Home

Mike Rickermann will begin his new role as the Windsor assistant superintendent on July 1.

Rickermann, who graduated in 1992, was the Senior Class President and Basketball Captain during his senior year at Windsor.

Carmen Peterson, Staff Editor


The Windsor C-1 Central Office will have a much different look next school year. 

Superintendent Joel Holland and Assistant Superintendent Jeff Buscher are both retiring at the end of the 2021-22 school year. 

After hiring Jason King as the new superintendent, Windsor School District has hired Mike Rickermann as the new assistant superintendent. Rickermann, a 1992 Windsor graduate, previously worked in the Windsor school district. 

In fact, he has spent most of his life at Windsor. 

 “I was a Windsor student starting in kindergarten.  I attended Freer.  I went all the way through Windsor and graduated in 1992.  I worked at Windsor for 18 years.  I taught ninth grade science for seven years, was the boys varsity basketball coach for nine years, an HS assistant principal/athletic director for five years, and Middle School Principal for six years,” Rickermann said. 

When coming back to Windsor, Rickermann will also work with his sister, Kelly Isaacson. Isaacson is looking forward to it. 

“We get along great, so working together is no problem at all,” Isaacson said. “I am excited to work with my brother again.  We both went to Windsor, starting in kindergarten all the way through.  I am excited for him to be able to come back here.  He is going to be a wonderful addition to our staff and students.” 

Rickermann is thrilled to be able to take this position. He seems to be very enthusiastic about re-entering the district. 

Having the opportunity to return to the Windsor School District in a Central Office role has long been a personal and professional goal for me.  One does not often get the opportunity to serve a district that means as much to me as the Windsor School District does,” Rickermann said.  

He is ready to work with Windsor’s new superintendent, Jason King, who will replace Dr. Joel Holland on July 1. 

“I am very excited to be working with Mr. King as we transition into our new roles at Windsor. I expect to be part of the Windsor community and work very hard to keep up the tradition of high expectations that are currently in place,” Rickermann said.  

For many staff members, Rickermann won’t be a stranger. 

Rickermann said, “I am most looking forward to coming home and working with all the outstanding administrators, teachers, and students of the Windsor School District.”