The Class of ’22 Ready To Say Goodbye

The senior class has less than two weeks remaining.


Sophis Dubis

A new entrance to the gymnasium will hopefully be ready in 2024.

Chase Gemes, Staff Editor

The final few week stretch of school is left for the Windsor senior class of 2022. 

It’s a time of excitement, stress, and nostalgia for many seniors. Seniors have mixed emotions because while on one hand they get to start the next chapter of their lives, it is hard to move on from the school and people you have grown to love.

There are many activities in events going on to make their last year of high school special, including senior day at the park, operation graduation, and graduation itself. 

Senior day at the park is an opportunity for seniors to take the whole school day off and instead go down to Ferd B. Lang park and have fun.

Everyone can bring their own sports equipment, so there will be a variety of sports being played. Food and drinks will also be brought for lunch. 

On the Friday before graduation, seniors will be asked to come to school for graduation practice and a walk through all of the Windsor buildings. It is a good chance to see how proud others are of your accomplishments, especially the younger students.

Operation graduation is a fundraising event that the senior class families are in charge of. All of the money raised goes towards a lock-in style event, where activities are held and provides one last big get together for the class before graduation. 

Prizes are also given out, all coming from the incredible amount of donations the fundraiser gets every year.

All of the fun ends with graduation, the big day that every high schooler anticipates. The day seniors finally get their high school diploma, and celebrate all of the hard work they have put in over the years.

Family, friends, and former teachers will all see the seniors walk up on the stage, and they will all be very proud. 

So will seniors themselves, as they reflect back on how they grew as a person and the memories they made.

Senior Class President Jaelyn Sutton has to deal with all of the emotions that come with graduating, while also having the responsibility to lead her class into it. 

Her tasks include “helping in planning events and relaying information to the rest of the class. I have been posting all of the dates & times for events on my social media accounts, as well as the deadlines for forms or permission slips.”

For what upcoming day she is most anticipating, she said May 13.

“It’s going to be a really fun-filled day, with the Senior Parade and the Senior Sunset in the evening. It’s probably going to be a little chaotic, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

For many seniors, the final weeks bring mixed emotions. 

Sutton said, “It’s crazy to think that I will be graduating in just a couple weeks. While I’m excited to begin my life away from high school, it’s also nerve wracking. I’m really going to miss my teachers and many of the underclassmen.”