The 2021-22 Windsor High School Teacher of Distinction: Melissa Pennycook

Pennycook began teaching at Windsor in 2005.


Melissa Pennycook is in her 17th year at Windsor.

Carmen Peterson, Staff Editor

Windsor High School recently awarded Melissa Pennycook the Teacher of Distinction award. Pennycook has been a special education teacher at Windsor for the past 17 years. 

“I was very surprised when I found out I won. I was excited and proud just to be nominated. When I walked out into the Commons and they announced that I had won, I was shocked,” Pennycook said. 

Cindi Maddock nominated Pennycook for the award. Maddock thinks highly of Pennycook, noting her dedication. 

“I nominated Melissa because I know what she does on a daily basis for our school and students.  She is dependable, can always be trusted to do the right thing for our district, and makes a positive impact in everything that she is involved with,” Maddock said. 

Pennycook’s family attended the announcement, which added to the excitement and made winning this award even more of a special moment. 

“There were several well-deserving candidates nominated for this award, and I really didn’t think anything about winning it. Then I looked over and saw my family standing by the doorway waving to me. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on!” said Pennycook. 

Maddock said Pennycook’s hard work does not go unnoticed.

“She is humble and would never advertise to administration or through social media all the amazing work she does in school,” Maddock said. 

Despite not advertising all of her great work that led into this accomplishment, everyone at Windsor High School knows what it takes to receive this award.

“I am honored that I was chosen for teacher of distinction,” Pennycook said. 

 While Pennycook is happy to contribute everything she can to her department and the school, it is important for her to be recognized. The teacher of distinction award is not only an incentive for teachers, but a way for the school to show appreciation for how much they are valued as staff members. 

“Melissa is also a role model to new and veteran teachers in the way that she is able to balance a very demanding workload while also setting boundaries, which is so important in our occupation,” Maddock said. 

Everyone that has been around Pennycook or seen her teach can confidently say that it is very easy to trust that she knows what she is doing and does it well. 

“I don’t need an award to say that I am doing a good job, but it is extremely nice to know that I am appreciated for what I do,” Pennycook said.