Staff Spotlight: Windsor High School Adds Two New Counselors

Kelly Stockwell and Jeannie Haupt are now counselors at WHS.

Jeannie Haupt is in her first year at Windsor.

Madison Battig, Staff Writer


At the beginning of the new 2022-23 school year, Windsor welcomed two new counselors– Jeannie Haupt, who is a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), and Kelly Stockwell. 

Stockwell takes the place of Ellen Dorsey, who left after working at Windsor for over a decade. Stockwell has been a math teacher at Windsor for the past 15 years. 

Over the summer, a fourth counseling position was added at the high school. Haupt is considered the social and emotional counselor for the high school.

Haupt was living in Oregon, which is where she conducted her interview.

Principal Jason Naucke said, “It was definitely different, but over the last couple years COVID-19 taught us how to be able to do interviews over Zoom.”

During the pandemic, students have been dealing with more mental health issues and other struggles. According to the World Health Organization, global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%.

For many, the pandemic has been difficult. This is why the administration recommended a fourth counselor. 

Naucke said, “Last year, the counselors that we had didn’t have enough time to address all of those needs. So we asked our superintendent if it would be okay for us to have that counselor that would specifically address that. That is when they were like ‘yeah that is something we would like to have for our students.’ So we got the thumbs up to do it.¨

Naucke said he thinks that having another counselor will be really good for the students to be able to have that help on campus instead of having to recommend them somewhere else. 

Haupt is looking forward to the experience.

“My expectations were that I would be working with students who might be struggling with personal, social or emotional issues.  The pandemic has taken a toll on students’ mental health and I am excited to be able to chat with students so they can stress less and learn more,” Haupt said.

This is her 11th year as a school counselor. She has worked in middle schools and high schools in Missouri as well as Oregon. Before she was a school counselor, she worked as a LPC  for 16 years.  

While Haupt came to Windsor all the way from Oregon, Stockwell just moved down from the math hallway. 

Stockwell said, “I think I was ready for a change because I was doing the same thing for 15 years. Expectation wise I knew it was going to get me out of my comfort zone and I was able to try new things but I could stay in the building.”  

She says she is going to miss being able to build relationships with the kids and the interactions she has every time she would teach. She said that she will still get the interactions, just more one-on-one. 

Stockwell said, “I like both, but I really like what I’m doing here. It’s been enjoyable. I got to work with some kids, help some kids out and I love working with these other counselors. I think they are awesome. These girls have stood up for me when I’ve needed it.”