Sellman’s Pick

Teacher Michael Sellman currently teaches a new guitar class.

Connor Blake, Staff Writer


Want to learn a new hobby?

There is a new guitar class at Windsor High School taught by choir teacher Michael Sellman.

This class has actually been on Sellman’s mind for quite some time.

“I think we started looking into it in the fall of 2021,” Sellman said. 

Beginner guitar is catered towards newer guitar players, but there is stuff for anyone at any level to learn.

Within just two weeks, students will learn how to play a song.

Sellman said, “In this class, you will learn the basics of guitar playing. We learn how to tune the guitar, how to hold the guitar, where the notes are on each string, you learn how to read standard music notation, and then we eventually get to reading chord charts so you can look up songs you know and play them.” 

The class is set up to learn at his/her own pace. There are quizzes that have a set due date but students can take any of the tests whenever they feel ready.

The grading curriculum is very lenient and circulated around if students are actually trying and wanting to get better.

“It’s all performance based so it is rubrics and you know it’s inherently subjective so it’s kind of tricky but we try to make it as objective as possible, which is why we roll out those rubrics,” Sellman said. “You know you made this many mistakes rhythmically or you made this many mistakes pitch wise.” 

Many of the students signed up for the class for the simple reason of wanting to learn guitar. 

“It feels like a safe space, and I enjoy learning guitar. It’s fulfilling and Sellman is a good teacher,” senior Dylan Skaggs said. 

Sellman wants to take this class further than just beginner guitar.

He has plans to create a second course for guitar and already knows what he wants to do with the class.

“I would like to do a guitar 2 or an advanced guitar, whatever you want to call it. Instead of looking at song books where it’s the melody with chords over the top of it we can look at more theory stuff. We’ll pass out melodies and figure out ourselves what chords to use,” Sellman said.

It seems as though Sellman is having a great time teaching something new.

A nice change of pace from the usual choir class. The class takes place during the first and seventh hour. 

Sellman said, “It is awesome, the best start and end to a day.”