Blanket Ban

Students are no longer allowed to bring blankets to school.


Connor Blake, Staff Writer

Blankets have been banned at Windsor High School.

During the week of October 1, 2022, an announcement was made that said the blanket ban would begin the following day. 

Blankets have been very popular and prevalent the past couple of years at Windsor. However, the problem seemed to be worsening. 

The main problems being students would leave them around or take them into the bathroom.

“Students are going into the restrooms with a blanket, which makes it difficult to see what is going in and out of the restroom.  We made it a goal to have restrooms that are accessible to all students without concerns, the blanket does not align to that goal,” assistant principal Rachel Montgomery said. 

Some students have ignored the ban, which is irritating to students and staff. 

Sophomore Madison Battig said, “It reminds me of a three year old walking around with a blankie, or that Peanuts movie of the smelly kid with the three strands of hair,” 

Even if the students don’t follow it, the ban helps teachers enforce the rules.

Montgomery said, “I have only had to have a conversation with one student. I think more importantly, the staff felt more confident in addressing the situation with their students after the announcement.” 

Everyone is pretty quiet about the elimination of blankets in the school and they seem to go with it.

Student Jacob Morrison said, “I think it was a long time coming. People can come to school and they can bring a hoodie, they can bring a jacket, but people are bringing blankets and there is a time and a place for everything you know.”

High school teaches students more than just stuff in the books.

One of the main things taught is what life is going to be like after school and how to act.

“We are transitioning students to life after high school – life after high school typically does not allow you to walk around with a blanket,” Montgomery said.